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The Saga of Chai and Delhi University Students | Best Tea Stalls in North Campus

Best chai, tea place in delhi university

DU students have a special bond with tea. It is evident by the fact that there are so many tea stalls which provide fabulous Tea in Delhi University Campus. Almost near every college, there is some famous “Chai waale Bhaiya”.

Chai lovers of Delhi University be like-

Before Class: Bro! Let’s have Chai before we attend class
During Coffee break: Bro! Let’s have Tea in Coffee Break.
After Class: Bro! I am tired of attending classes.Let’s have Chai.
After Dinner: Bro! I am feeling sleepy. Let’s have Chai.

I am going to introduce you to most famous “Tea Stalls” in Campus along with their addresses. So, next time you crave for some hot tea, hit these places.

1. Sudama Ji ki Tea Stall

Sudama Team Stall DU

Sudama Tea Stall, old place nearby Hansraj College

Address: Near Ramjas College

This place is the temple for ones who love Masala Chai. This is the first place I had tea in North Campus, after it was recommended by a friend of mine from Ramjas. Nothing could have been better than finding my first favourite spot. You get a nice taste of cinnamon, ginger and elaichi in that tea. It is one of the most talked about chai-wala in the Campus. Student love to hang out here for delicious masala chai and some college chit-chats with friends. You can also get matthi, fen, rusk here as an accompaniment for Chai.

2. Ganesh Tea  Stall

Ganesh Tea Stall

Ganesh Tea Stall | Via: Shivya Yadav for TCM.

Address: Near Maurice Nagar Police Station, Vijay Nagar Marg, New Delhi, 110007.

Whether it’s 7 in morning or 9 at night you will always see this tea stall surrounded by chai lovers. This tea stall is near Patel Chest Institute of Delhi University and attracts the crowd from around the nearby colleges and faculties. You will also get very tasty Egg bhurji here. Along with fen, rusk and matthi they also have maggi, bread and butter to increase the fun of having Chai.

3. Gopal Chai Waale Bhaiya

Gopal Tea Stall, DU

Gopal Tea Stall | Via: Shivya Yadav

Address: Near Law Faculty, North Campus, University of Delhi, Delhi, 110007.

I was first attracted to this stall while I was strolling around Law Faculty. I saw many students hanging around here and having tea. Being a chai lover a thought of tasting that Chai. Trust me. It turned out to be great. A nice and balanced masala chai, in few bucks.

4. Suresh Tea Stall

Suresh Tea Stall, Delhi University

Suresh Tea Stall | Via: Shivya Yadav

Address: DDA Market, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, New Delhi, 110009.

They have been serving Chai from past sixteen years. This tea stall is a great place to crash if you are hungry as well. They not only drink tea but you can also have get Paranthas, Chilli Potato, Rajma Chawal and varieties to eat. You will get to see a nice crowd on this stall as it is a nice spot to hang out for with friends when you have low budget for choti-choti bhookh.

5. Vishwavidyalaya Metro Chai waale Bhaiya

Address: Parking lot near Vishwavidyalaya Metro station, New Delhi, 110007.

This Chai waale Bhaiya sets up his stall near Chhatra Marg. Students, especially ones coming out of metro station, like to stop by and have tea there. You can also get snacks like rusk and fen here, which makes Chai time even better.



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