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What is The Campus Media?

The Campus Media a.k.a. TCM is the coolest student portal you will ever find. It’s one of its kind. We aimed to help students to connect with media houses for their events, provide them right information and media across colleges through online and social.
Spend an afternoon brushing up on discoveries of the university. Explore media houses and tie-ups, internships, placement updates about your college, food tips and hangout zones. Read about campus’s oldest and amazing stuff. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, unearth how you can swim between two university continents!

We are pleased to inform you that TCM is launching its campus ambassador program in which we would be recruiting students from different colleges of Delhi University. TCM’s campus ambassador program offers students an opportunity to gain experience of working with a corporate organization. The Campus Media’s ambassador program would give students more exposure, teach them how to interact with people and deal with different situations.

Benefits of Being TCM’s Campus Ambassador?

Being the active College Ambassador will be very beneficial for students as they would learn how to work in a ‘team-work’ environment. They will get the opportunity to organise events in their respective college. Ambassadors will also be responsible for obtaining reliable content on the website about their institute & events. There are many other benefits like:

  • A unique opportunity to learn during your student life. Ambassadors have the satisfaction of knowing they have made a valuable contribution to their College, fellow students, and to themselves.
  • Certificate of ambassadorship/appreciation and letter of recommendation.
  • Recognition of active Campus Ambassadors on TCM’s Facebook page and website.
  • Internship opportunity in many start-ups in the network of The Campus Media.

What extra to boost your professional network and college life?

  • Campus Exposure: Members become some of the most visible and well-known students on campus.
  • Understanding: Members develop a deeper understanding of the heritage, culture, and status of the College.
  • Friendships: Student Ambassadors form lasting friendships with fellow members and campus personnel.
  • Contacts: Membership provides networking opportunities with not only successful alumni but also leaders in education, business, industry, and government.
  • Leadership: As Student Ambassadors, members assume roles as advocates, leaders, and volunteers while attending the College and as alumni that will give them the knowledge and skills to assume similar positions within their communities.
  • C.A. Project Kit: LinkedIn recommendations, company merchandise, chance to attend different events & an experience of a lifetime, a chance for you to do something you love!

For folks joining us at our Delhi office (don’t worry you don’t need to visit office), we promise frequent dinner parties, really bad jokes that you can’t help but laugh at, wild ideas that may or may not be spoken aloud, lots of crazy conversations and a steady supply of coffee and cupcakes!

Who is eligible?

This opportunity is open to students only. Students from any degree course, management, and engineering course across the country are most welcome to take part in this Campus Ambassador Program. Interest in media or entrepreneurship is a plus!

Apply Now!

At the end of the campus ambassadorship program there will be a award ceremony. Click here to check out the awards!

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