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Although, a journey alone won’t make you feel any absence but a journey with friends and Professors is what captures memories. While we know, college itself gives us so many experiences; there are college trips which bring us closer to our classmates and professors. Yes, we are talking about the Formal College Trips (Informally kitne log jaa pate hain? 5% chalo maximum 10%). Where initially, there are always assumptions about which teachers would accompany us which ones we just don’t want (dude, chutti par hain. Warden thodi chahiye?) But after all the cry of the facilities provided by the institution and the price one has to pay.

From Packing of the clothes to the toiletries everything is discussed. Whereas it doesn’t matter to most whether it is Vaishno Devi or Madhya Pradesh or Udaipur (tum jitna bhi maanglo bhagwaan se Goa nhi leke jaa rahe, bass itna hi milega). You know you have your favorite companies with. For some its the glass bottles filled in their bags, taking more space than their clothes.

For many, it’s their friends, and for others it’s their ‘World’ the love of their life. The wind of the journey has for years helped the unknown people to gel ‘chill, even if you are an introvert’. So just go with the flow.

Popular places in india for college trips

Best places in India for college trips


You wouldn’t even know how your nights, would be covered with horror stories, playing cards, some Ludo and some rum. In the days however excruciating your trekking might be but with such overwhelming company, you don’t feel anything but chirpiness around. And your professors will fill the remaining time with their stories and how things have changed. Even a cup of coffee and Maggi becomes yummy.

‘Anyway, you can not underestimate the power of Maggi’.

You will also be surprised at the times of emergency, how people you had never talked will hold your hand and help you. For the first year people, you are the lucky ones, formal or informal trip would not even matter. Just hop to the next opportunity. And let us know the destinations. For the ones who are about to finish their college life, guys hurry up (ab Highway bhi jaane ko mile toh mana mat karna) And the ones who are out of college. Do let us know what do you miss about your college trip.

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