Prestigious Delhi University Getting Questioned By Outsiders!


I am a student outside of Delhi, residing in Dehradun. Back in school days when I used to hear about DU, I used to be amused and fascinated about it. But now when I hear it, I can picturise protests and student politics.

JNU sedition case definitely affected image of Delhi educational institutes.

Umar Khalid has already proved his shallowness with his illogical arguments over and over. After the incident at Ramjas College, he again tried to create unrest with his false facebook post.

For me college is a place to learn, innovate and create, not to protest and create unrest.

You’re a student politician, great. Protect right of students not terrorists. Create better environment for students not hooligans.

We here at Private institutes pay so much money to shape our future and you sitting in those prestigious institutes try to hamper our sovereignty. 

These student politicians will be future policy makers, as citizen of India we expect them to bring constructive and productive changes rather than fighting over something which hampers our growth.

We expect them to lead the country to greater heights.

Instead today student politics is heading towards wrong end.

As a outsider I request you, please don’t ruin this for us. Please maintain the dignity of your institute and student politics.

–Befikra Musafir

Image via: HT Media



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