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Why Hostel Life at Delhi University is Worth Living? Reasons to love life at DU hostels

Delhi University hostel life is a dream of every student. Right after school leaving home, and living a hostel life is quite challenging at first but with right place, it becomes not only easy but also gives life-long lessons and memories to cherish. DU colleges provide hostel to students, but not every student is lucky enough to get hostel due to limited seats.

Reasons that Delhi University hostels are the best place to be:

1. You get Friends for life

Miranda House Students

Miranda House students enjoying with friends | Via: Suhani Bansal

Your friends in hostel become your family. They are the ones who are always there to pick you up whenever you are down. Watching horror movies and long chats all nights with them becomes one of the best memories. Even after college life, they remain your friends forever.

2. Love Partying while balancing your studies? DU hostels are the place to be

MH Hostlers Life

Students celebrating Halloween 2017

“Life at MHH is a heaven, where there are lots and lots of parties, food is awesome, midnight parties with friends. Really gonna miss it,” says Suhani Bansal, a third year student from Miranda House.

3. Group discussions keeps you motivated to learn

Hansraj College Students

Life between geeks! | Via: Akshat, Hansraj College

“Stephens residence is complementary to its college life, it connects you with the love of reading, political debates, late night group discussions, and sometimes parantha night,” says Ankit Meena, St. Stephens hostel resident.

4. Hostel life makes you Independent and Versatile

In a hostel, you are answerable for everything from waking up in the morning, to having meals, to do laundry and what not. Hostel life gives the flexibility to fly in the open and seek stuff you couldn’t attempt when at home.

5. Just slip in your Slippers, and you are ready to attend class

DU Hostel Life

Via: Suhani Bansal, MH Hosteler

“Hostel life for sure gives you a lot of first experiences.Going to classes without taking a bath, with uncombed hair, wearing bathroom slippers and night pyjamas is a privilege only hostelers enjoy and day scholars envy,” says Prasun from Daulat Ram College.

6. Maggi Noodles is the National Food

Tom Uncle Maggi DU

“Maggie is not just food for hostelers; it’s an emotion.Hungry at midnight, what to eat? Maggie: our saviour. It doesn’t just have the taste but beautiful memories to cherish forever,” says Akshat, First year student from Hansraj College.

7. You get three years to explore capital of India

You get three years in Delhi! You go about exploring all the Heritage sites and all the cool places Delhi offers to tourists. You can enjoy night outs at Hauz Khas Village and Shop at Sarojini Nagar.

8. Cost-effective in comparison to staying as Paying Guest in Delhi

Living in a PG is exorbitant. Delhi University Hostels provide all necessary facilities and are reasonable.



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