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With the end of admissions on one side and the fear of leaving homes on the other, most of the outstation students are found in chaos regarding where to put up and how to settle all the stuff on their own. Some prefer staying as paying guests and some choose to stay in a hostel.

One such hostel campus is Dhaka Hostel Complex in Mukherjee Nagar providing not only shelter but actually a good living to hundreds of students of University of Delhi. The hostel has an extremely pleasing and motivating environment. It has a beautiful garden spread across a wide area wherein you can meditate peacefully in the morning, do your yoga practice, the sweet fragrance of the flowers freshen up your mood. Girls in winters sit in the garden for hours and study in silence. Well, peacocks dancing on the rooftops enhance the scenic beauty of the campus. Apart from the serene atmosphere of the complex, one can get each and every single thing around. From necessity to luxury, you name it and you get it there. It has a very beautiful infrastructure. Two separate study rooms where you can study, TV rooms are provided for the entertainment of students and a gymnasium wherein you can just exercise, do your yoga practices or aerobics. It has a big dining area providing four-time meals to everyone. Moreover, the hygiene that it maintains is really appreciable. Well, if we talk about food joints, from Batra’s Aaloo Tikki to fried rice shop in front of the hostel, there are a number of food joints available there and you can actually spice up your life with these things. Those who put up there, are not just interacting with other students but it feels as if they actually get to enjoy the society culture. With Indra Vihar’s momos or Sehaj photocopier, those students have settled their life over there. Kamla Nagar has become their favourite all-time hang out spot. 

The best part being no one is gonna come to you and stop you from doing things that you want to do, you can hang around the way you want, you can wear clothes that you like the most (maintaining a good level of decency). You get to live in such a peaceful and hygienic place paying so less and getting all the facilities that you do not even get in PGs while that too costs you almost double or triple the amount.

Apart from facilities provided to the students, the experience that they get from there helps them in enduring human values, it makes them self-dependent. After all, you are the only driver of your own life. It makes them understand the real value of co-operation and co-ordination with people.



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