One Thing You Gonna Miss After College While Travelling

Non AC DTC Bus

DTC is also what I miss after my college life ended right from the orientation session of my college to the time metro was connected to the college, DTC has been a crucial part of my college life. Before the college life started, I was in a big doubt if I, who had never travelled in a DTC would be comfortable in it?

There were several questions about my security, the time it would take me to reach college. And accordingly I was given instructions before the first ride such as take care of yourself and your belongings, wear clothes which are not just comfortable but also the ones you feel safe in. (Yeh Dilli Hai Mere Yaar).

In the initial phase at least, you really want to be disciplined and show everyone how you are just at it. And with this comes the search practically and on google baba to know the time your desired bus takes off from your bus stop (it literally takes off sometimes!!, the ones who don’t get a seat know it). Because dude, your pocket money won’t allow you cab every day.


Life carries beautiful surprise for you, and so does the DTC bus. You find the people you once met in life but never talked to and your school friends you want to hug right there (don’t do it).

1. PDA in India with opposite sex is a no-no don’t forget the Kolkata episode

2. Even if you do, you might end up falling because of the jhatkas of the bus).


There will be faces you have become used to, till the first semester ends. You just see the aunt with the scarf and you both smile. (Nahi nahi, is Pyaar ka koi naam nahi hai) While you are on the bus, gloomy days are not easily there (Dude, first internal mein fail ke baad honge hi). But there is so much out of the window happening, so much inside the bus that it becomes so interesting.

Even if its just how it is, but you should be proud of yourself when on the bus. You are not polluting the city. That itself gives you +5 boost.

Do let us know how did your first DTC ride serve you? Till the time, I will be recounting my DTC Bus memories in Delhi Metro. (Are bus, nahi jaati office tak!!)



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