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Meet Randip Singh – Newly Elected President of Sri Venkateswara College | Interview

College President Randip of Sri Venkateswara College

It all started with one fine man, who understood how diversity, pluralities and differences of any kind were causing conflicts around him, but he wanted to embrace those differences, he wanted to turn pluralities into combined strength, he dreamt of united hearts. Thus, he started working on his dreams. From his department of political science to the arts block and finally college. Step by step he earned the respect of and won the hearts of all who knew him. The name of that fine man is Randip Singh, College President of Sri Venkateswara College.

Randip, Newly elected president of Sri Venkateswara College

What made Randip different from others.

Randip knew the problems faced by everyone in the college, he knew they could be solved, and he believed better was possible.  All he needed was a platform to make better possible. Thus he worked for it; he earned the post of the PRESIDENT, of Sri Venkateswara college.

Randip and his team, ‘Team united’ was unique because the leader wasn’t power hungry, he craved for love, respect and unity in hearts of every student of Venky.  He used to say “college dharam aur jaat mai bata hai, dharam hamara block, aur jaat hamari department’ bass yeh badalna hai.”
He was different from any other candidate that I have seen because he walked his talk.  I saw him working for the environment before elections, and I saw him campaigning without plastic for elections. I feel proud to say that, not a single new sheet of paper, or plastic was used. The whole campaigning was done with posters made out of newspapers and old cardboard.

Team United stood out from any other team of volunteers in many other ways, everyone had an ear to ear smile on their face, they would not indulge in negative campaigning and respect opinions of individuals, not only this, the online campaigning was highly appreciated because of the memes and unique posters and videos that they made.

Another unique ideology that was seen in Randip’s manifesto was the wall of democracy. He plans on building a wall where posters and stickers of political parties and candidates could be pasted, rather than littering the whole campus with posters, a single wall with all the information, this would save paper as well as the campus would stay clean.
His extraordinary approach towards elections and the way he went about it, is appreciated in the college and all around it, the result of which was so many students with no interest in politics coming out and campaigning for him and students accepted him with open arms which were visible in the margin that he won by.

College President of Sri Venkateswara College

Newly elected College President Randip with other students

In conversation with newly elected college president of student union Sri Venkateswara College:

Q: What was your reaction when you came to know that you were to be the President of the college?

Ans: I was happy that our hard work brought us success. But when I saw my team dancing on Dhol that feeling cannot be expressed in words. My team that is ‘team united’ did a great job and worked hard self lessly for this mission. And when I was signing the official document inside the office, I felt responsible. I felt now is the time to show the power of common students by executing things which we promised.

Q. Which fields do you think your college needs improvement in?

Ans: My election can be summed up in one slogan which we always chanted *Better is Possible*
I always spoke of betterment because I feel our college has the resources and infrastructure. Better can be done in every field if the students are United.

College Elections in Sri Venkateswara College

Message by College President Randip of Sri Venkateswara College

Q. Why do you think you were chosen as the President?

Ans: We won because people found a connection with us. The amount of votes and love we received is historic. This happened because we spoke of those issues which can be solved and we added those points in our manifesto which directly affect the student’s life. Wall of democracy is one of them, and Youth conclave is another.
I have seen normal students who had no political interest missed their classes and joined our campaign.
हमने शोर शराबा नहीं किया, हमने लोगो के दिल जीते है।

Celebrations after the successful win of Randip in Sri Venkateswara College Elections

Celebrations after the successful win of Randip in Sri Venkateswara College Elections

Q. Why were you interested in student politics?
Ans. I had no political intentions, but in the past two years, I have seen those problems which a normal student cannot solve.
Now as the President and with my other elected members, I want to directly attack upon those issues which affect the students like library, ICT, Canteen etc.

Author’s Note:

Delhi University needs more leaders like Randip who genuinely wants to solve the problems faced by students. The Campus Media would like to congratulate Randip for being the College President of Sri Venkateswara College and wish you all the success.



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