Imagine’18- Annual fest of Department of Sociology, Maiteryi College raising its voice towards condition of Muslims minorities in India

Numbering more than 170 million, India’s Muslims constitute the largest religious minority. Beyond the statistics, it is a certain scarred legacy that underlines their presence among other religious groups. Muslims, as a minority, have been the most socio-politically and economically deprived communities in the country. As the processes of creation, procession and articulation of identity becomes increasingly complex, the critical question is: what does it mean to be a Muslim in contemporary India?
At the Department of Sociology, Maitreyi College, as we continue our engagement with the theme ‘Voices from the Margins’, we seek to dismantle and reconstruct the narrative of marginalisation of Muslims in India. Imagine’18 is here with an array of events that bring out this spirit:

Tark-Vitark Turncoat Debate

We bring to you this exciting debate with a twist. Register yourself for this Turncoat Debate and experience being a part of a battle of words! Get your double opinionated mind to the arena and let’s debate!

Rang-e-Ashaar – Paint a Shayari

Come and challenge your creativity by exhibiting your thoughts on a shayari on to the canvas! Channel your inner Ghalib-Hussain duo! Register yourself for our Paint a Shayari andstand a chance to win exciting prizes!

Online Photography

Crazy about photography? We’ve been looking for you! We have a tough theme that challenges your skills and it’s the perfect time for you to explore your potential. Register yourself for our Online Photography competition and you might even bag a prize!

Kavita-o-Shayari – Spoken Word Poetry Competition

When emotions find thoughts, and thoughts find words, poetry is born. Come and express your beautiful thoughts in the form of spoken word and shayari. Register now!

Izhaar-e-dil – Expressions

Open Mic Event
Have something to say but don’t know how to say it? Don’t worry, we have a list of options for you – dialogue, drama, poetry, music, dance, art, literature – you name it, we’ll accept it! Come and express yourselves in your truest colors, and register for this open mic event!
Looking forward to hosting you.
Register Now!
You can also visit us on our Facebook page:
For further details or queries, contact:
Nazneen Shekh (President) – 9999430305
Trishla Kohli (‭Vice-President) – ‭8860093221



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