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Know Why Studying In a Delhi University College Is One Of The Best Experiences


enjoying life at Delhi University

In our life, college plays a very important role. It is not just a place where we learn to study but it’s responsible for our all round development. After our base has been made in our School life, it’s turn of our college to make that base strong and prepare us for the real challenges of Life as an Adult. University of Delhi is one such place. The experiences here are turning point of ones Life. With it’s highly attractive environment for students Delhi University will leave you with the best experiences of your Life.

1. Delhi University is one of the top ranking Varsity of India.

DU has maintained it’s top rankings from many years. It holds top ranking according to Center of World  University Ranking (CWUR). It holds 8th rank according to National Institute of Ranking Framework (NIRF). World University Ranking 2018, 481-490.

Top 5 Colleges of Delhi University (According to NIRF)

1. Miranda House

2. Shri Ram College of Commerce

3. Lady Shri Ram College for Women

4. Dyal Singh College

5. Deen Dyal Upadhyaya College

You can check ranking from given link:

2. The Curriculum of DU Colleges is quite different from others University Colleges.

The course structure has been very carefully designed to cope up with modern world. There are so many courses according to requirement which caters the need of every student.  Apart from main syllabus every student is given opportunity to take Skill Enhancement Courses. Certificate and Diploma Courses are provided by University in various others fields like Language Course, Digital Marketing Course, and so many.


3. Here you learn “Unity in Diversity”.

Students from all over India and Foreigners come here to study. Here you get to experience cultural diversity at one place. Each day you learn something about some tradition and realize India is indeed so colorful and diverse.

The stay in hostel, where we live with people other than our family,for three years teaches us a lot. Sometimes they become family away from family.

4. Here you get immense opportunities to Explore your Talent.

Through participating in various activities happening inside Campus you get to know much more about your capabilities. You get to know a lot more stuffs than you knew about yourself. There are so many societies in each college. Being a part of them bring out the best of you. The best part of DU is that maximum events are organised by students, it makes one experienced and confident.

5. Aura around us matters. DU provides the best environment to grow.

As you enter the Campus you will see so many youngsters with all enthusiasm and zeal on their faces. Those all students are there to make a change in their lives and their society. They all are dreamers who have worked really hard to be there and they keep will to make it to their final destination. Beauty of diversity and talents is what makes it the most suited environment for one to grow.

     6. History Speaks: Many Alumni of Delhi University have made it too far in                 their Career.

Talking about notable alumni , there goes a long list of people. It includes Nobel Laureates like Aung San Suu Kyi and Amartya Sen; Activists like Kiran Bedi, Medha Patkar,  many more; in art and Television Amitabh Bacchan, Imtiaz Ali, Swara Bhaskar, Shahrukh Khan and more.

Passing out from such University gives sense of confidence that we may also make a change some day like our seniors did.

    7. Fests organised by DU Colleges are just Mind-Blowing

 Fests are the time to enjoy and relax after a period of lectures, assignments and Semester exams. You get lifetime experience with your friends. The Crossroads of Sri Ram College of Commerce is the most talked about fest of DU. Others fests like Tempest in Miranda House, Nexus in Venkateshwara College and more are really organized very well.

 8. The Campus is widely spread and very beautiful.

 The University consists of 86 departments. It’s distributed across North and South Campus with total 77 affiliated colleges. It is spread over 69 acres approximately. The Campus has a lot of Greenery and is always enlightened with youthful activities around. Not only scenic beauty but also in terms of street food and restaurants. You will get so many varieties to satisfy your appetite.



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