About The Campus Media

Connecting Colleges To Media.

The Campus Media is the coolest student portal you will ever find. It’s one of its kind. We aimed to help students to connect with media houses for their events, provide them right information and media across colleges through online and social.

Yeah, you read it right! No need to contact every media portals differently. You just have to communicate with us! 😉

Our team will make sure you get partnered with prominent Media Houses for your upcoming events and lots more things incoming! We have three years of experience of running a media portal, and we know how things work. So now you guys do not need to take a headache of media partnerships because you know where to land now. 😀

What along apart from media coverage?

Read. Watch. React.

Find short-form articles that inspire you and ignite your natural curiosity. Our daily informative explorations have something for everyone.

Entertain yourself with our everyday college and youth life-related videos. Also learn quickly with sharp videos from handpicked, educational content creators– essential for feeding your brain.

Like or save the interesting facts that move you. Then, easily share your new entertaining stuff, info or knowledge with friends and family.

Spend an afternoon brushing up on discoveries of the university. Explore media houses and tie-ups, internships, placement updates about your college, food tips and hangout zones. Learn about campus’s oldest and amazing stuff. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, unearth how you can swim between two university continents!

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