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Tom Uncle Maggi Point

Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point is the best place to hang out not just with friends but also with family and your loved ones. The stall is one of the famous places in the North Campus to hang out and taste the noodles with love. The Maggi is delicious and topped with experience of years. The right amount of water, level of flame, and using the correct type of Pan makes his Maggi perfect in the taste.

The stall is situated road-side and has sitting arrangements where you can enjoy the beautiful evenings, rainy season and make memories with your “meri wali Maggi” and friends. The vendor serves wide varieties of Maggi, soda, Pasta and Macaroni. Tom Uncle Maggi Point is also very famous by the name called “Tom Uncle ki Maggi” which indicates the love and the dependency of lots of foodie on his variety of Maggi. “Tom Uncle ki Maggi” is widely used as compared to “Tom Uncle Maggie Point”.

Clearly, it shows that the taste and the variety with reasonable prices of his Maggi makes an important place in the customer’s heart and customers attach with tom uncle very deeply and give him the nickname also.

Tom Uncle Menu Card

So, as we all know that Maggi is a 2-minute noodle and easy to make but what makes tom uncle so special with the Maggi that he is so famous. Well, it is his menu card… yes !! tom uncle gives you the chance to choose your “meri wali Maggi” with a large variety of maggies. And not just different types of maggies… it also serves a variety of sandwiches, Pasta, macaroni and hot beverages.

The top ordered items from Maggi point are Pasta, Sandwich, Double Masala Maggi, Schezwan Maggi, Cheese Maggi, Bhel Puri and Lime Soda. (According to Zomato orders) but you can choose more items and try something new from Tom Uncle Menu Card. So, why wait?? Let’s dive into it and take a look on the menu card.

tom uncle menu card

Variety of Maggi, Soda, Pasta and Macaroni offered by Tom Uncle Maggi Point.

Tom Uncle Maggi Point Address.

Luckily the street stall is situated in a prime location in Delhi University North Campus. One can easily approach the booth with their vehicle or public transport which is available on Vishwa-Vidyalaya Metro Station to Kamla Nagar route, i.e., E-Rickshaw, DTC Buses.

The stall is situated on road-side at Guru Tegh Bahadur Road, Near Ramjas College, Maurice Nagar, University Enclave, Delhi-110007.

Tom uncle ki Maggi” is near to the areas like Hudson Lane, Kamla Nagar, GTB Nagar, North Campus, Patel Chest, and with this location, it is quite famous in Delhi also.

One can also order their favourite food via Zomato, Swiggy, Ubereats, etc. as Tom Uncle is also registered with these food delivery startups. You know very well, this is the safest way to get your favourite food at your doorsteps in this pandemic situation.

So, order now!!

Tom Uncle Maggie Prices.

The prices for maggies and other items vary from dish-to-dish, but the average cost is Rs 300 (approx.) for two persons. The prices are exclusive of applicable taxes and can be changed/revised by the owner.

First five reviews about this place.

  1. “I ordered Chilli Paneer Cheese Maggi, Schezwan Cheese Pasta and some Bantas.  The Pasta was worth every penny (quite spicy, just as I like it), Maggi too was quite good, and the Bantas were refreshing as ever. Happy visiting.”

Shagun Tyagi

  1. “Plenty of varieties are there with your favourite maggie. See how these guys add so many different flavours in it. And make it unique every single time. Plus it’s not even hard to your pocket. Have a look at all in one Maggie.”


  1. “I found it a bit overhyped but as I ordered the cheese schezwan maggi. It tasted good. However very pricey and serves less quantity. Needs improvement.”

-Sarvasti Pankaj

  1. “The outlet. We all know that it is all open there is no place to sit. And I Ordered all In Maggi which was Not so bad not so good just an average. And then I take lime soda with chilli cheese sandwich which was good in taste. The sandwich was very good and along with that soda increases the taste.”

-Heena Patel

  1. “I’ve been there three times, and I had amazing food each time. I had tried tandoori Pasta, white sauce cheese pasta, all in one maggie, KitKat shake, lemon iced tea, cheese maggie. The best was white sauce cheese pasta and KitKat shake. I would recommend this place to everyone. It is value for money.. It was a nice experience. Service was good. Food is always fresh.”

Nurtaj Khatun

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