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Custom Touch Face Mask

Now a days with the quarantine period, this is become necessity of “new normal life,” to wear protective face masks. During this period, people are missing to present their smiles because of wearing regular face masks available in the major market.

Some of the creative people all over the world are selling non-medical grade cloth masks that allow us to colorfully express our personality. However, if you’re getting bored with your plain or patterned masks, and you want to show off something exciting and different, so that you should consider applying face mask every time when you get out of the house or even when you are at home if required.

Here, Ankush Srivastava, a designer and creative entrepreneur has a quirky solution. He came up with an outstanding idea after recognizing this issue, and launch ‘Custom Touch’ which is a creative and innovative startup to create trendy custom products by using your face or message with creative skills.

custom touch face mask for pet lovers

The “Custom touch” works to create smiles by designing all kinds of “trendy customized products,” which specifically include a collection of exclusive cotton and polyester fine quality face masks that can be customize ordered to feature any image, meme, or message as you wish, including the fabulous designer print of your own face onto cloth coverings and they are eerily realistic!

Custom touch bring up its 1st product with an idea to print a lovely face of yours onto the cloth face mask which is a non- medical face mask and which is eerily realistic and give an opportunity to you to wear a mask which will look like not wearing a one. It’s like when you go outside, you put on your second face making a very exciting and special part to make yourself different.

How A Funny Meme Became An Inspiration To Start Custom Touch

Custom Touch is started by Ankush Srivastava, (an ARTPRENEUR which means an artist inside an entrepreneur). One day he was enjoying scrolling Facebook feeds and found an interesting meme, where there was a photo of a man wearing a plain black mask with a t-shirt customize printed on it that  “It’s me, Steve”.

Custom Touch Face Mask Inspiration

This was the first instance when an outstanding idea grown up in his mind as with that meme he recognizes that there is an ultimate problem of people to showcase their identity in public after wearing a mask and he come up with a quickly solution. He makes a startup with ideology of customizations and launches “Custom Touch”.

Ankush Srivastava Cutsom Touch

Ankush Srivastava, Founder of Custom Touch

This hilarious design of printing your own face on the face mask is firing the whole industry by making it trendy all over the world with lots of orders.

Introduced Custom Pet Printed Masks For Crazy Pet Lovers For First Time

Custom touch has introduced other products, like a ‘Custom pet face mask’ where they print the face of your pet on your face mask and the other product is a ‘Custom designer pet printed face mask’ where they print your pet’s multiple images on the face mask.

Delhi Husky dog Nawab with custom touch face mask

Famous husky dog Nawab and Other pet dogs wearing custom touch face mask with owners

Custom touch also focuses more on its quality of its products as well as its amazing pre-post sale services. Our support team gives full support to guide for customization.

Custom Touch Mask’s Product Quality Is Top Priority

The quality of Customer Touch’s face masks is actually so good that they are able to solve the problem of wearing masks. These masks are actually very comfortable, the ends of their ears are so soft that they will never cause pain in your ears, and you will feel as if you have not worn anything in your ears. Another amazing advantage of these masks is that if at any time, you feel awkward wearing them from the printed side or do not want to wear them from the printed side, then you can also wear from its reversible side.

Special Size for kids

Special customize face mask for kids

Customized face masks for kids

Custom Touch creates designs that are suitable for everyone, they have not overlooked your kids as they also have sizes for kids. So you get a quality 3-ply face mask that is a pure soft cotton material with a very soft ear loops, reusable and reversible use as well as a machine wash mask.

Wear Mask Looks Like You Are Not Wearing One!

Keep an eye on the Custom touch website for placing your orders. Ankush Srivastava, Founder of Custom Touch says that “We provide a service that prints images onto protective face masks. Whether it is a replica of your own face or your favorite meme, we care about the details. Our masks are sure to make people around you do double-takes and will make your day brighter,”

Check out Custom Touch’s own face mask below. When you take it off, it will look like you are peeling your own face off! Luckily, your actual face is still intact.

custom touch face mask design sample

Social Campaign By Custom Touch Brand

Custom Touch is also running a social campaign called “Muskaan”, whose motive is to help more and more people, especially in the quarantine period.

If you buy anything from Custom Touch, first activity is initiated by them to donate a smile mask from its profits to needy people. They donate 1 smile mask with sale of every 1 product.

Social campaign Muskaan by Custom Touch

“Smile can never be bought, you can either distribute it or do something for someone so that his smile remains intact” says Ankush Srivastava.

Vision To Reach Global Market

Our vision is to spread our small Indian brand to the global market. And we want to spread smiles to more and more people with our customized emotions from our products. We become best seller in etsy USA Top E-commerce market within 15 days to start. This is our biggest achievement and we are continued to deliver quality of product all over world.

This starter story is submitted by the startup team on behalf of their company at The Campus Media. We have reviewed the actual product and it is quite above the mark, you can go for it!

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Custom Touch Face Mask


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