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Glory-5 app founders
Glory5 Founders

The company Glory5 was established in November 2019 with the purpose of giving cricket fans a new perspective on fantasy gaming. The founders themselves have great expertise when it comes to cricket and a vision of making fantasy cricket simpler and more compelling than usual. This Glory5 project has undergone intensive research before coming into existence and has been designed in a way that no cricket fan goes disappointed.

Brief about the organization and founding members:

GLORY5 is a fantasy cricket application under Glory-5 Fantasy Sports Pvt. Ltd. It is a platform where cricket users can create their own team of players based on their batting skills and try to compete against other users and showcase their talents in cricket.

The application monitors the real-time performance of the players and converts them into points. The user with the most points is declared the winner and is rewarded with a cash price.

Who founded Glory5 fantasy sport app?

Prashant P Hebbalkar  and Sagar S. together founded Glory5.

How and when did you come up with the idea?

We met casually and ended up having a conversation on our mutual adulation and love for cricket. Eventually, the discussion about fantasy gaming came up. So, we analyzed the problems fantasy gamers faced and the possible solutions regarding the same. After meeting 2-3 times, we gradually came up with a format that solved most of the problems regarding fantasy cricket. Therefore, we decided to implement this format and give fantasy cricket lovers a new way of exploring their cricket skills.

What is the vision behind your startup? Where do you see yourself in five years?

The vision behind our startup is to give fantasy cricket lovers a sense of victory almost all the time they play on our application. We wanted to provide the users with a 50% chance of winning probability so that no one goes disappointed. We aim to provide many more fun concepts and exciting ways to entertain our users, not only in cricket but also in other sports.

We see ourselves as a well-established brand in the next five years and aim to become one of the top gaming unicorns in this niche. We want to sponsor the top leagues of cricket and other sports.

Challenges, Opportunities and Marketing Strategies:

Since we hired freelancers who were new to developing such a format, we had to explain things to them step by step. So it took us almost eight months to develop the app & another three months for thorough testing of the application.


One of the best opportunities and advantages we got through this journey was that we encountered highly inspiring mentors & also explored the business sector, which was new to us since both of us are from an engineering background. We got to know many backend rules & regulations of fantasy cricket & were thrilled to know how the market worked.

Marketing Strategies:

To be honest, we thought marketing would be easy, but once the application was ready, we realized that marketing needs to be well planned and strategized. Gladly, we came across Startup Story Media who offered to join us in this venture. Since then, we got a clearer vision on how well the marketing can be done. We hope to market our application across all cricket lovers, fantasy gamers, youth aged between 18 to 30 & people who want to explore new ways of entertainment.

We have a goal of reaching more than 10,000 active users by the end of this IPL through marketing strategies.

What makes you different from other cricket gaming platforms?

  1. Two unique formats namely
    • 5-A-SIDE (Selecting 5 players whom you think can bat well)
    • 7-A-SIDE (Selecting 7 players whom you think can bat well)
  2. Selection of players in your fantasy team purely on their batting skills.
  3. Selection of “POWER-HITTER”. This player gets more points for boundaries and usually can change your ranking position drastically.
  4. Points will be allocated only on the runs scored by the respective player.
  5. Application consists only head to head contests. (No pool prizes, only two players in a contest)
  6. More chances of winning. Prize money is greater compared to other fantasy apps in market.

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs:

Have a precise idea about what your product is & how it can solve people’s problems. Also, keep in mind how different you are from your competitors. Have each step planned out & try to execute it perfectly. Never let yourself down or give up if you trip or face hardships. Have faith in your idea, that’s what matters the most.

This press release is submitted by the startup team on behalf of their company at The Campus Media. We will also use and review the tool and share actual results with you soon!

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