The Trend Sight – An Analytical Tool Predicting Future Trends And Fashion Forecasting

The Trend Sight startup

The Trend sight is a coveted platform which provides the most accurate future trends along with reliable predictions about fashion by way of employing analytical tools for forecasting fashion trends & colours. Our company helps brands, labels, and designers to plan and work towards their new collections in line with the demands and necessities of sales in the market.

“Every brand and individual is in a hunt for a ‘flurry’ of a certain style that would differentiate them from the niche market of fashion and at TTS we don’t give up until we deliver that to our audience.” says the founder of The Trend Sight, Mr. Anil Bakshi.

India is a country of vivid flamboyance and has more to offer in terms of fashion than many.

What gives The Trend Sight an edge?

It is its ability to proffer an insight into the cultural identity of the variedly fascinating Indian craft and systematic data as regards with it.

Fashion forecasting is an art whipped up of facts and numbers, the analysis of the existing data to try to spot the upcoming trends along with buying and sales statistics from previous years. A well-worked fashion forecast can not only help but also catalyze the brand’s success and motivate its designers towards the upcoming trends in fabric, style, colours, and most importantly consumer demands.

The Trend Sight is designed to lend a great helping hand to B2B enterprises, individual brands, designers, merchandisers, buyers, strategists, marketers, researcher and students.

The ultimate Go-to for future trends, fashion forecasting, analytical tools and predictions.

Besides the founder Mr. Anil Bakshi, the organization is widely driven by its core members Hashita Sharma, Akshata Birajdar, Anjali Sachdeva and other members who are also the alumni of esteemed institutions like IIT, NIFT and Delhi University to name a few.

Fashion forecasting is the new route to predicting the future direction of the elements that would affect the Fashion market and its decisions and The Trend Sight is the best and the most efficient vehicle you can have on that road.

For further information about The Trend Sight:

Visit: The Trend Sight website | Instagram: @thetrendsight | Facebook: The Trend Sight | Watch TTS on YouTube.

This press release is submitted by the startup team on behalf of their company at The Campus Media. We will also use and review the tool and share actual results with you soon!

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  1. Good luck!, you have taken this path knowing that you can do it. Good luck guys with your new business.
    #thetrendsight #trendforecasting #newinindia

  2. Amazing write-up! and Coverage team #thecampusmedia
    finally something new is coming up, #thetrendsight wishing you best of luck.

  3. Dear Team #thecampusmedia we sincerely appreciate your excellent coverage of this and other business topics. We feel that your journalistic work is in the best tradition. Thanks again. Our office appreciates your clear and accurate reporting.
    Thank You!
    Team #thetrendsight

  4. Dear Anshuman and team thecampusmedia this recognition means a great deal to all of us, especially (#thetrendsight) to those who worked behind the scenes for so many hours.
    Great share!

  5. Nice Info @thecampusmedia.
    Great initiatives! by team THETRENDSIGHT
    #StartupIndia #thetrendsight #thecampusmedia #trendforecasting #techstartups

    Jyotasana Apoorva
    [email protected]

  6. Looks like a promising tool.. good luck guys!

  7. Waoo! Your Thoughts are so encouraging and inspiring.Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction. #StartupIndia #thecampusmedia #thetrendsight

    Dear TTS Team, Truth be told, being an entrepreneur is not breeze. It comes with its own level of stress, unknowns, and fears. And who likes stress, unknowns, and fears, anyway?
    Yet, you guys looked past those factors and still chose to do this; to put yourself on the line; to defy the odds and enrol yourself in this new profession – the profession of starting an enterprise and seeing it grow and add real value to the lives of people and create sustainable wealth in the process.
    For this, I salute you guys. #ttsteam

    Think of the number of lives your business will transform. The capacity you will develop. The jobs you will create. The mouths your business will feed. The innovations it will birth. The culture it will influence. The revenues it will generate. And the great contributions it will make to national and, yes, global development. Actually, you guys are taking this step to start is the beginning of something monumental – the birthing of a great future, more like it.

    Great Share! by #thecampusmedia This is an eye opener and yet it is encouraging.

    :- Vikrant R. Sharma

  8. Usually I never comment on blogs but your startup idea is very unique team, that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job thetrendsight team,Keep it up.

    THECAMPUSMEDIA.COM Enjoyed reading the article above , really explains everything in detail, the article is very interesting and effective.Thank you and good luck for the upcoming articles…Cheers!

  9. This is such an impressive initiative! It’s time for Indian craft and fashion to get the recognition it deserves!

  10. Great Problem solving startup initiatives, all the best.


  11. #Binod

  12. Really looking forward to this. This is a great initiative and will genuinely be of major help in the fashion as well as lifestyle industries. All the best!

  13. I am happy to know about this new platform for fashion trends. Let The Trend Sight improve fashion forecasting and set new trends. It is great to find how analytical tools can help businesses analyse trends and fashion. This is going to be a big game-changer in the fashion industry.

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